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 The production will center around the events of 2012 from a new angle as well as highlighting the martyrdom of the Ministry of Interior officers, who sacrificed themselves for the country during the period of 2013-2020.

Actors: Karim Abdulaziz -  Ahmed Mekky - Eyad Nassar - Asmaa Abou El Yazeed -  Injy Al Moqaddem - Mohammed Alaa -  Islam Jamal 

Directed By:  Peter Mimi




Ezz embodies the role of a young man working abroad who is exposed to an attempt to recruit from the intelligence of a foreign country, but he succeeds in communicating with the Egyptian intelligence service to be trained at the highest level by officials of the agency.

Actors:  Ahmed Ezz  - Hend Sabry - Hesham Selim -  Salah Abdullah -  Majda Zaki -  Ahmed Fouad Selim

Directed By: Ahmad Alaa Aldeeb



  Saber a child that was found at a mosque. The imam of the mosque adopted him, until Saber grew up loving the praise of Prophet Mohamed, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, until he spread his fame in the village and neighboring villages to seek remembrance. The boy became excited in love with Prophet Mohamed, but when he fell in love with a girl, Satan found his way with him and Saber took another path using his prayer in other bad things and became different, but after some circumstances that lead to trouble, his soul was purified and he returned as a lover of Prophet Muhammad and not a beloved of people.

Actors: Hamada Helal -  Ahmad Bedir-  Nesreen Tafesh-  Hanan Soliman-  Khaled Sarhan-  Mohamed Ezz

Directed By: Abdul Rahim Kamal

   Al-Fakharani introduces the character of a lawyer named Najib Zahi Zarkash, who is a man with 4 children, but he enters into conflict with them and suffers from their disbelief, he is trying to escape from one of the girls who tries to trap him in her net, in the hope of his great wealth that he enjoys and tries to keep her away from his children. which forces him to build an orphanage.


Actors: Yehia El Fakharany - Anoushka -  Hala Fakher -  Ahmed Khaled Saleh - Sherine - Eslam Ibrahim

Directed By: Abdul Rahim Kamal


Ghazal's father forces his daughter to marry a wealthy businessman, despite the big age difference between them, so circumstances force her to become harsh and strong, so that she deals with those around her, gets to know Seif and falls in love with him.


Actors:  Yasmin Abdulaziz-  Ahmad Al-Awady-  Khaled El Sawy - Aaidah Riyadh-  Dina Fouad - Donia Abd Elaziz - Khaled Sarhan


Directed By:  Mostafa Fekry


​Events take place in Lebanon and it sheds light on two contradictory and opposite factions in society. The first is a group that sacrifices its life for the safety and security of the homeland in which it lives. It is the security forces represented by Captain "Sama", which plays its role "Nadine Njeim", while the second category, They are the outlaws who dealt in drugs specifically, represented by the “Safi” family, who performs the “Qusay Khouli” cycle, and events intertwine so Sama falls in pure love, events intertwine and stand before this impossible love.

 Actors:  Kosai Khouli -  Nadin Naseb Njeim -  Rami Ayash - Geneid Zein Aldin -   Maritta El-Hallani - Hussein Mokaddem 

Directed By:  Philip Asmar 

   The events revolve around the 50s and 60s, during the British occupation of Egypt. About Moussa from Upper Egypt whose father died at a young age and now has to take responsibility for his brothers. Forced to leave his city and move to Cairo, he gets close to a French girl.

Actors:  Mohamed Ramadan – Somaya Khashab – Sayed Rajab 

Directed By:  Mohamed Salama



The events take place in a Levantine environment in one of the Damascus neighborhoods of the Levant "Harat al-Qobba" after the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 and the involvement of the Ottoman Empire in it and the exploitation of all the resources of the country controlled by the Ottoman Empire in the war. We see the devastating repercussions of the war on this ancient Damascene neighborhood and the village of "Dahr al-Jabal", and the poverty, oppression and starvation it suffers from, in a context full of excitement and suspense.

Actors:   Abbas Al Nouri  - Sulafa Memar - Sabah Al-Jazayeri - Fadi Sabih - Nadine Tahssine Bek -  Khaled Al Keesh 

Directed By:  Rasha Sharbatgy